Bollywood Star Kalpana Pandit "Blown Away" by Shen Yun

Created: 2013-04-29 17:34 EST


Bollywood actress Kalpana Pandit was amongst VIPs at the last night of Shen Yun's run of 11 shows at Lincoln Center in New York.

[Kalpana Pandit, Bollywood Actress]:
"I came with no expectations and I was like blown away. Chinese culture is shown like a beautiful dream, and I shall remember this for ever."

Pandit has been starring in Bollywood movies since the year 2000, her latest film Janleva 555 is now in it's 25th week in Indian theaters. She was in New York to judge a Bollywood style dance competition and says Shen Yun gave her new insight into Chinese dance.

[Kalpana Pandit, Bollywood Actress]:
"I never knew it was this deep and this precise and this intense and I think I'm going to recommend this to all my friends because it is something that is thousands and thousands of years old. So that form and that traditional culture comes through because of that ancient art form. I love it."

Pandit was impressed how Shen Yun depicted Chinese spirituality in the modern world.

[Kalpana Pandit, Bollywood Actress]:
"It was very beautiful thing, the way they showed the 5000 year old, ancient beauty stuff, which now turns into havoc and terror and all that and how that can be calmed with spirituality, it was very beautiful."

Shen Yun has now finished it's run of shows at New York's Lincoln Center. Their next stop in the US will be West Palm Beach, Florida.

NTD News, New York.