Shen Yun in Sweden "I think that it was brave"

Created: 2013-04-10 14:48 EST


Shen Yun performed for a full house on their last show at Cirkus theater in Stockholm, Sweden.

The New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts mission is to revive 5000-year-old traditional Chinese culture with a world tour.

Margaretha Wallenius-Kleberg came to see Shen Yun with her friends.  

[Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg, Owner Shipping Company]
“It was amazing. Very interesting and you learn a lot and I don’t know so much about ancient China so I think it´s very very fun to experience how beautiful it was. It is so well directed and the combination of the ancient dances and the modern technique was amazing so I would like to come back sometime if they return to Sweden.”

What moved her was the spirituality from the ancient Chinese culture.

[Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg, Owner Shipping Company]
“Yes I think it´s fascinating and I see that there are different religions but everyone does always have a God up there in heaven that you long for. I think that is very substantial.”

Her friend was sad over the current situation in China and that the Chinese people cannot see Shen Yun.

[Ingegerd Winblom, Red Cross]
“I think it´s so sad. I can´t explain how sad I think it is but I only hope that it will change. I know in fact it will change but it will take some time unfortunately.”

Fredrik Silfver came to see Shen Yun for his first time.

[Fredrik Silfver, CEO Telecom Company]
"It was better than I presumed. I had high expectations, but actually, it´s preceded my expectations. It was my first encounter with traditional Chinese culture. It was really exciting and I´m really excited right now”

He was most touched over the piece “an unexpected meeting.” It depicts a father and his daughter getting arrested by mistake after meeting a group of Falun Gong practitioners.

[Fredrik Silfver, CEO Telecom Company]
”The portrait of the father with his daughter was really, quiet exciting that you guys have the guts to show it to an audience because not many people talk about that, they show human rights in China today So I think that´s was brave and then the also the colours the fabrics of everything the movements the professionalism of everyone involved, just blow me away.”

Dancer Katarina Fisher came to see Shen Yun her second time.

[Katarina Fisher, Dancer/Trainer]
”These dancers dance from their heart. You can feel that it is a great culture behind this that is more than just choreography and techniques. It is some really great things behind this. I can´t say what it is but that was what brought me back to here again after I saw it the first time.”

Tobias Manrik came with his wife to see Shen Yun for their third time and he thinks this year show is best so far.

[Tobias Manrik, Objectleader International Truck Manufacture]
”It is the dance and the music all of it at once. You get totally.. You lift up as a human being and the body gets good energy.”

[Linda Manrik, Qualitymanager International Appliance Company]
“This year I was thinking about the spiritual side of it. The lyrics too, they reappear, They sing the same phrases again. I think about these very grand lyrics in the songs that is about there faith and religion. That is very interesting.”

[Fredrik Silfver, CEO Telecom Company]
” I think they are entitled to have an connection with their own culture and also spirituality and so on. I hope things will improve in that area and I think that this could be a good vehicle in this progress.”

Shen Yun will next perform in Paris, France on 12-13 of April.

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