Shen Yun Premieres in Sweden

Created: 2013-04-10 05:37 EST

Shen Yun Performing Arts premiered in Stockholm, Sweden at the Cirkus theatre to a full house on Monday evening.
Many audience members were touched by the performance.
[Ulf Gottberg, Real Estate Agent and former Bank Manager]
"Absolutely amazing experience, what a performance. What work is involved, both in their bodies and movements, is put into context to create a story. And it's worked out so well in detail with the message and the performances, and even the staging, selection of colors, choreography. Everything was perfect, absolutely outstanding."
Niclas Forsman came to see the show together with Anna Hamilton, from the world's oldest Auction house.
[Niclas Forsman, CEO Auction house]
“The timing, the costumes. I am most impressed by the excellence in timing, everything they do, they do all together and it's impressive.”
[Anna Hamilton, Head of Public Relations, Auction house] 
“I think it was beautiful absolutely beautiful. It makes me happy to watch.”
Staffan Wilow and his wife were both moved by Shen Yun's message of reviving traditional Chinese culture.
[Staffan Wilow, Lawyer] 
“I know from the people I've met in China and from what I saw on stage that people are very proud of it, and they should be proud of it. And I'm very happy that they express this culture and that we are able to see it here.”
[Anna Hamilton, Head of Public Relations, Auction house] 
"It is a pity it cannot be shown in China. I think, it would be fantastic for them, for the Chinese people to see this, their traditions. I think, but I am glad I could see it."
Mr. Gottberg had some thoughts after seeing Shen Yun that he will bring home with him.
[Ulf Gottberg, Real Estate Agent and former Bank Manager]
“If you do something together you can do great things.”
Shen Yun Performing Arts will give two more shows at the Cirkus theatre in Stockholm, Sweden on Tuesday, April 9th.
NTD News, Stockholm, Sweden