"The Palace of Everything We Believe in"- Shen Yun Performance, Colorado

Created: 2013-04-10 07:03 EST


Shen Yun Performing Arts performed in Beaver Creek, Colorado, on April 7th. The audience members describe their deep feelings and the strong impression the show left on them.

[Carol Sarchut, Textile Designer]:
"Well it's just beyond description. It's so rich, so many layers to it, elegant, beautiful, classical, so many levels of Chinese culture that I would like to learn more about."

Acupuncturist Kathy Stahlman was deeply touched by the beauty and the meaning of the performance.

[Kathy Stahlman, Acupuncturist]:
"I was crying. I was crying because it was just so beautiful, that, that you are presenting this idea of this, this ancient civilization, that it's the first civilization on earth, they gave us the spiritual feelings, and without the civilization we wouldn't have any religion. Religion came from, this is the birth of religion this is the palace of, of, of, everything we believe in, in spirit."

Chris Dadian, a music therapist, was especially moved by the music.

[Chris Dadian, Music Therapist]:
"The Music was spectacular, really part of what transports you, I think to a different age, a different time, to learn the history and feel it through the music as well… Very deep feelings, so even the joyful is very deep, and then very moving and a part of me is sad I think that China doesn't embrace more of the arts from them, but, very beautiful."

Carol Sarchut has seen many many shows in New York but ran out of superlatives in describing Shen Yun.

[Carol Sarchut, Textile Designer]:
"Impeccable, the everything, it was just impeccable, the choreography, the music, the costumes, the themes and the development of history and and just very emotional… It's a once in a lifetime experience and I want to come every year that I can because it's something unique and I, I think it's some of the most beautiful dancing I've ever seen, and I, I lived in New York, and I saw lot's of, I,I'm very strongly interested in dance performances, and I think it's more beautiful than ballet."

Kathy Stahlman  describes her feelings after seeing one scene with a big Buddha in it.

[Kathy Stahlman, Acupuncturist]:
"Well, I start to cry because it, it is so beautiful, it is so, I feel so bad that, that, that, that China has lost this spirit. This is a spirit that, that needs to come back, it needs to come back to China."

Shen Yun will premiere in Austin, Texas on April 11.

NTD, Beaver Creek, Colorado