"The Highest Values That Human Beings Can Perceive" - Czech Human Rights Commissioner Watch Shen yun

Created: 2013-04-05 01:13 EST


New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts continued its performance series at the Prague Congress Center on Wednesday evening (April 3).

For many audiences, the show surpassed their expectations.

[Monika Simunkova, Czech Human Rights Commissioner]
"I carry with me beautiful feelings, of course, I perceived the highest values that human beings can perceive while watching this performance, and of course the values which are still lacking in China, and which we have to cherish and which are shown in this wonderful performance."

Shen Yun is reviving the values entrenched in China's 5,000 years of traditional culture. This is done through classical Chinese dance and music, as well soprano and Bel canto performances.

[Monika Simunkova, Czech Human Rights Commissioner]
"Those are very spiritual songs, I'd say someone who shares certain spiritual values and believes how life on this planet was created and how it is commanded, the songs would get into his body and resonate with him."

Violinist Jitka Hosprova admired the music. Especially the Chinese two-string violin, erhu:

[Jitka Hosprova, violinst]
"I truly appreciate all the artists we saw today. I am very happy that I could finally see an erhu, which I know very well from listening to its sound, but could never imagine what it looked like, and the erhu virtuoso is fantastic. So as a musician, I for sure have really benefited from this inspirational experience."

The director of The Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes saw a deeper message in the performance:

[Daniel Herman, Director, Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes]
"It is a unique performance. I truly have to say that it was a very refined performance...I think it is not possible to quash the spirit. Hope is stronger than desperation, life is stronger that death. That is the message."

Following its shows in Prague, Shen Yun will be heading to Sweden.

NTD News, Prague.