Artistic Director Sad That Shen Yun Can't Yet Be Shown in China

Created: 2013-04-03 16:09 EST


The artistic director of a circus group came to see Shen Yun Performing Arts in Seattle. She was attracted by the advertising which she could see from the circus venue across the street.

[Reenie Duff, Artistic Director, Circus Groups]:
“… There is great synchronicity in the company. Everyone's so highly trained. Everyone's on the same page. The design aspects are, are so striking, lots of detail. You know the costumes are amazing… There's just a great volume of work, both the dance work but also the design work. I know how many hours that goes into producing a show like this. And it's stunning.”

Renee says Shen Yun is a brilliant and touching show and feels sad that Chinese people in China can't see their own culture.

[Reenie Duff, Artistic Director, Circus Groups]:
“What I found moving was that this kind of work can't be shown, isn't shown in China, and that seems like that seems very disturbing to me, that people in China can't, can't see this heritage produced for themselves, about their own world, and their own history."

Reenie says the whole world will benefit from Shen Yun's stories.

[Reenie Duff, Artistic Director, Circus Groups]:
"… I can see that there are stories that need to be shared with the world, It's a rich culture and, and there's suppression and it's it's  unfortunate, because people deserve to have a free voice and a free mind and to be able to express themselves. That, that must be a great hardship for the Chinese citizens, Chinese culture."

Shen Yun is on a whirlwind tour of the US and their next stop is Portland Oregon, opening April 2.

NTD Television, Seattle, Washington