Tens of Thousands Face Eviction from Haiti Camps - Amnesty

Created: 2013-04-24 08:08 EST

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More than three years after Haiti was left devastated by a 7.0-magnitude quake, thousands of Haitians still living in makeshift camps are facing a new crisis.

Private landowners are coming back to Port-Au-Prince's tent cities and reclaiming their property, forcibly evicting displaced residents.

This, according to a report from rights group Amnesty International.

[Chiara Liquori, Caribbean Researcher at Amnesty International]:
"These people have been victimised for months with the threat of being evicted. Sometimes they are being attacked by uniformed officers and sometimes people not in uniform in the middle of the night."

Since July 2010, over 60,000 people have been evicted from the camps.

Under pressure to resettle hundreds of thousands of camp city residents, the Haitian government is running schemes to move families from camps into safe and repaired homes by offering them rental subsidies.

But Amnesty accused Haitian authorities of being behind or complicit with the forced evictions.

Following the report, Haitian authorities told National Police not to get involved in forcible evictions.

Camp dwellers continue to face deteriorating conditions in the absence of any long-term solution to Haiti's housing crisis, crippled by unemployment, extreme poverty and a lack of safe dwellings.