Frosty New Bar Minus5 Opens in Manhattan

Created: 2013-07-09 16:03 EST

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Amid excessive heat warnings in New York City tourists and locals were finding refuge in a frosty new addition to Manhattan's bar scene on Monday. 

It's called Minus5, an ice bar located a dozen blocks north of Times Square at the New York Hilton at 1335 Sixth Avenue.
About 50 people can fit in the nippy space as they sip drinks in meltable ice glasses shipped from Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Las Vegas.
[Robert Olivieri, Tourist from Dallas, Texas]: 
"Clearly we're not at a normal bar. Yeah, this is pretty cool so far. I've never really been in anything like this before. The cold doesn't really bother me too much but it's pretty cool."
For a 20 dollar cover charge guests are outfitted with parkas and gloves. 
Another 25 bucks and they can opt for brown faux fur. 
Or it’s 75 dollars for the VIP package—a faux fur plus hat, cocktail and a souvenir photo.
The Eskimo clad patrons are first escorted to a lobby registering a brisk 38 degrees Fahrenheit, before experiencing the final 23 degrees.
[Theresa Buccellato, New Yorker]:
"It was great!   The ice sculptures are beautiful and we just came because our feet were cold. So we just came to warm up a little bit and then we're going to go back in."
Built of blocks of ice, some weighing over 250 pounds each, this Arctic watering hole represents a five-million-dollar investment.
[Noel Bowman, President of Minus5 Management Company]:
"We put a couple of million dollars into some serious computerized refrigeration equipment that really take into effect ambient heat, body heat, humidity, summertime, wintertime, volume of people coming in and out. It's a science to keep this whole environment, no window, humidity at the right temperature."
Minus5 will bring in a skilled ice carver every six to eight weeks to chip and shave new sculptures to keep the interior fresh.