Hero Dog Ready to Return Home after Reconstructive Surgery

Created: 2013-06-05 18:53 EST

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Kabang, a hero dog from the Philippines, was officially released Monday June 3 from the veterinary medical teaching hospital at the University of California, Davis, and cleared to return to her family.

The diminutive shepherd-mix is credited with saving two young girls from an oncoming motorcycle in the Philippines. Struck by the motorcycle in December 2011, Kabang lost her snout and upper jaw and was left with a horrendous gaping wound on her face.

Her amazing survival captured the attention of the news media in the Philippines and eventually the hearts of people around the world, who provided funds through the private organization Care for Kabang for her nearly eight months of treatments.

The dog was brought to UC Davis by veterinarian Anton Lim in October 2012, but university veterinarians discovered that she also had heartworm disease and a type of infectious cancer, known as a transmissible venereal tumor. Treatment for both of these health problems was necessary before dental and surgical procedures could be performed to deal with her facial wound.

A team of UC Davis veterinarians - specializing in oncology; infectious diseases; dental, oral and soft-tissue surgery; internal medicine; and outpatient care - was quickly formed to coordinate Kabang's care. Each treatment had to be successfully completed before the next began.

[Anton Lim, Veterinarian]:

"Now it's our turn to save her. Kabang was able to save the lives of two children so now she needs our help."

Kabang received her final examination on May 28, completing the vaccinations needed for a health certificate that is required for return to the Philippines. 

A final test also confirmed that Kabang is free of heartworms and ready to be released from hospital care.