Lego Starfighter is Huge Draw

Created: 2013-05-24 07:08 EST

Category: World > North America

The world's largest Lego model gets a dramatic launch.

It's 43 feet or 13 meters long, a life-sized replica of a "Star Wars" fighter craft.

Erik Varszegi is the Lego Master builder responsible for the Starfighter model.

[Erik Varszegi, Lego Master Builder]:
"It's 5 million bricks in this, over 5 million, 5.3, I believe and we've been working on this project in concept for well over two years. We've been 17,000 hours over the course of four months to put the whole thing together."

The unveiling was a promotion for a new Lego cartoon series about a "Star Wars" character, called 'The Yoda Chronicles'.

The toymaker says the "Star Wars" line is its most popular collection of building blocks.

Next stop for the Starfighter will be Legoland in California where it will stay until the end of 2013.