A Happy Reunion at Makeshift Pet Rescue Center in Oklahoma

Created: 2013-05-23 07:33 EST

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The scene of a rescue in the dark in Oklahoma.

[Stephanie Lunsberg, Resident Who Rescued Cat]:
"He was across the way and we saw him on the porch. So we said, 'let's try to get him.' He came out to us and he was so scared and skittish. But it's someone's baby and we're going to send him to the shelter and hopefully someone can pick this baby up."

Many family pets lost in the aftermath of a powerful tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma are finding refuge in a makeshift pet shelter.

Some are still shaken.

Others wait in cages -- attempting to settle down.

And there are the lucky ones.

Jessica Bryant may have lost her home -- but she is finding comfort now that she has found her dog.

[Jessica Bryant, Dog Owner]:
"Just relief, I don't care about the house, I don't care about anything else now. We're okay. We're all alive. We have our family, our dog, we're going to be okay."

It's the kind of happy ending other people wish for.

Two women report lost pets -- hoping for the best.

[Elizabeth Seldomridge, Lost Cat Owner]:
"We've watched them grow up like children, and so losing them is like losing my sisters. It just takes a toll."

Some of the dogs are now being moved to established shelters around the city -- and possibly their own happy reunions.