Baby Rhino Takes Charge at San Diego Zoo

Created: 2013-03-11 13:14 EST

Category: World > North America

Charging into everyone's hearts, it's Kayode the southern white rhino.

Born at California's San Diego Zoo, the calf weighs around 150 pounds, but once he's an adult, he'll be a whopping four to five thousand pounds, that's between one and two thousand kilograms.
He's less than two weeks old, but already Kayode has a signature habit that sets him apart, says zookeeper Jane Kennedy.
[Jane Kennedy, San Diego Zoo Safari Park]: 
"I think he sticks out his tongue because that's his personality. I've seen several other little white rhinos and they haven't done that before. Probably just something that Kayode likes to do."
The calf is the 93rd southern white rhino born at the zoo.
And after so much activity, it's time for a nap.