Israeli Army Detains 5-Year-Old Palestinian Stone-Thrower

Created: 2013-07-12 16:39 EST


An Israeli human rights group accused the army on Thursday (July 11) of illegally detaining a five-year-old Palestinian boy for throwing a stone in a flashpoint city in the occupied West Bank.

Video footage taken by the group B'Tselem of Tuesday's incident (July 9) shows Wadi Maswadeh crying as he’s surrounded by soldiers on a street in Hebron. 
He was then made to board a military jeep accompanied by a Palestinian adult.
The images, aired on Israeli media, looked likely to stoke debate about policy in the West Bank, where the army guards Jewish settlers. 
There is often friction with Palestinians, who have limited self-government but have been frustrated in their hopes of gaining statehood.
B'Tselem say troops took Maswadeh home, picking up his father and holding them both for another half-hour, during which the father was bound and blindfolded. 
The two were then handed over to Palestinian police, who questioned and released them.
B'Tselem says the boy’s handling by the troops was illegal as the age of criminal responsibility in Israel and its West Bank jurisdiction is 12.
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