Egypt's New President Takes Oath

Created: 2013-07-04 17:09 EST


A standing ovation for Egypt's new interim president, Adli Mansour.

On Thursday he replaced Mohamed Mursi, who was forced out by the military for failing to create a power sharing agreement with the opposition.

[Adli Mansour, Interim Egyptian President]:
''I vow to safeguard the republican system and to respect the law and constitution and to look after the interests of the people and to preserve the independence of the homeland and its safety.''

The military has high hopes Mansour's appointment represents the first step toward free presidential and parliamentary elections.

Mursi and several other leaders of his Muslim Brotherhood movement are being held by security forces after he refused to step down Wednesday amid days of widespread demonstrations.

The army's intervention was backed by millions of Egyptian who had taken to the streets on June 30 against Mursi, who many say has failed to solve the nation's economic downturn.

Earlier Mansour, who is a judge, also took his oath as head of the nation's Constitutional Court.

He has two degrees from Cairo University and served as the court's first deputy before being tapped to head up the institution on July 1.