Not All South Africans Welcome Obama

Created: 2013-06-29 06:29 EST


America's star spangled banner up in flames ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama's official state visit to South Africa, scheduled to begin Friday.

Mostly from the NObama movement, demonstrators in Pretoria said the visiting leader comes up short when compared to their ailing national hero Nelson Mandela.

Among complaints—Obama's policy of targeting militants in other countries often via drone attacks.

[Tayob Yousha, Muslim Lawyer]:
"Mandela valued human life, Mandela valued due process, Mandela would condemn extra-territorial and extra-judicial killings, Mandela would condemn drone attacks and civilian deaths, he [Obama] cannot be Mandela's hero."

These Muslims, observing Friday prayers in former president Mandela's local community, say Obama is no Mandela.

[Mohammed Sayeed Badrodin]:
"Well Barack Obama being the first black American president, you know we all had great expectations that he was going to be another Mandela personality—he failed."

The U.S. president's Africa trip is part of efforts to rectify what some consider neglect on African partnerships from the United States' first black leader.

Obama may also meet with Mandela, who is in critical condition in hospital over a recurrent lung condition.

Further demonstrations are also expected in Johannesburg and Cape Town.