Pianist Entertains Protesters in Istanbul

Created: 2013-06-13 14:11 EST


Tension in Istanbul's Taksim Square were eased slightly on Wednesday (June 12) when a German pianist played for the gathered crowds.

Davide Martello plans to play piano in the capital cities worldwide and calls himself a klavierkunst—or a piano artist.

Surrounded by protesters wearing masks he enthralled the crowds, but many of those listening said they still felt unsafe and wary of a police raid.

[Gul, Protester]:
"It looks like it’s a peaceful atmosphere, but we cannot turn our backs to the police in a peaceful way. I still think that I’m under a great risk. We found peace for ten minutes, but still no one can turn their backs away, I am really worried."

Another protester said the music was gathering people in the square.

"Music will gather everybody together. It leashes the fury inside people. Everybody is listening to it here and there is no intervention. Do you see?"

The mini concert played with a piano on top of a truck ended as protesters went back to the park.