U.S. Condemns Russian Plan to Send Air Defense Missiles to Syria

Created: 2013-05-29 09:48 EST


More weapons may be headed here, to Damascus, where life is punctuated by gunfire and where locals are just inches away from being coming casualties.

Russia's plan to deliver air defense to the Syrian capital could be a game changer in the already bloody two year war. While Russia says the move will help deter quote..."hotheads" --- the U.S. and other western powers aren't convinced.

U.S. State Department Spokesman Patrick Ventrell.

[Patrick Ventrell, U.S. State Department Spokesman]:
"We disagree with and we condemn the continued supply of Russian weapons to the regime and this includes all class of weapons and we've been clear throughout and very direct with the Russian government about that."

Moscow's action was in direct repines to the European Union decision to end its weapons embargo, a move that clears the way for countries to supply arms to rebels --- although none have expressed any plan to do. Russia accused the EU of "throwing fuel on the fire."

The one fact that cannot be disputed is that international efforts to convene a peace conference involving both President Bashar al Assad and rebels have been dealt a serious blow.