Nigeria Plane Crash Raises African Air Safety Concerns

Created: 2012-06-09 05:42 EST

More than 150 people died when this plane hit an apartment block in Nigeria.
Domestic carrier Dana Air says its aircraft are properly maintained but this aviation expert says Africa has more than its fair share of air disasters.
[Guy Leitch, Aviation Analyst]:
"Africa has less then 10 percent civil aviation traffic but Africa has well over 40 percent of the total accident rate, so the accident rate is completely disproportionate to the amount of flights, and that again goes to the issue of all the aircraft's flying less well trained crews, in less well regulated environment."
Nigerian newspapers echo these concerns, highlighting the age of planes in the country.              
There's a worry that customs duties on aircraft spares in some African countries encourages airlines to use pirated parts.
The Nigerian government's set up panels to review the safety of all airlines operating in the country and has suspended Dana Air's air licence indefinitely.