U.S. Joins African Manhunt for Warlord Kony

Created: 2012-04-30 23:55 EST

The manhunt for one of Africa's most wanted rebels intensifies as U.S. troops join the effort.
American forces are in the Central African Republic to track Ugandan Joseph Kony, who has evaded regional authorities for nearly 30 years.
The U.S. troops are trying to shore up electronic intelligence and communication with locals who may come across Kony's Lords Resistance Army in the jungle.  
[Captain Gregory, U.S. Special Forces Officer]:       
"So a lot of our working is building those communication mechanisms to allow information flow, one of the big things we do."
Kony's brutal force has left thousands dead in its wake, and kidnapped thousands of children to fill its ranks.              
[Jason Lewis, U.S. Department "Lords Resistance Army" Expert]:             
"Certainly in this part of the world, this part of these countries, there is not a lot of government presence, so it's easy for them to move around. They all even use foot carriers to travel between groups to pass messages. And the other piece I think is what he seems to have a unique psychological grip on people. You hear this from even people who have managed to escape from LRA years ago. They still don't feel complete peace of mind as long as they know Kony is out there."              
An online video about atrocities including rapes and murders committed by his troops gained global attention last month. 
U.S. officials have said the Invisible Children movement that made the film prompted them to assist the search for the warlord.