Superheroes Star at Israel's Purim Celebrations

Created: 2011-03-23 03:03 EST


Thousands of people gathered at Jerusalem's luxurious Mamila shopping center to celebrate Purim - a holiday of carnivals and

According to the Hebrew Bible Book of Esther, on this day, in the Persian Empire, at around 500. B.C, Jews were saved from extermination. As the story goes, Haman, the Persian King's adviser, plotted to kill the Jews, but they were rescued by Queen Esther and Mordecai - the King's Jewish adviser.

The custom to masquerade is rooted in the belief that during the events depicted in the Book of Esther, God disguised his presence.
And since Purim is also a day of charity and  offering donations to the poor, wearing  a disguise can make both donor and recipient feel
more comfortable.

But undoubtedly, the children enjoy the holiday more than anyone else.

[Topaz Abramov]:
"I wear a costume of a Flamenco dancer, because many kids wear this costume, and also because I saw many Flamenco dancers
on T.V."

[Lilach Matas]:
"I wear a costume of a Japanese woman. At the beginning I didn't know what costume I was going to wear, but then my Grandmother
showed me this Kimono and told me it is a real Kimono which is 50 years old, and she also said that she wore this same Kimono
costume when she was a little girl. So I told her that I will wear that costume too, and that's what I did."

[Sagi Matas]:
"I wear a costume of Danny Deen - the invisible boy, because I love reading books, and there is one book called Danny Deen, which I read, and it got me excited, so I decided to wear that costume because I love that character."

Yarden Salari dreams of becoming  an air hostess.

[Yarden Salari]:
"I love this profession and that's what I want to do when I grow up. I want to work on an airplane."

Comic book heroes Superman and Spiderman are some of the most popular costumes.

Ido explains why he chose to dress up as Spiderman.

[Ido Vilitsig]:
"Because he killed the Black Spiderman."

And what did little Ofek dress up as?

[Ofek Vilitsig]:

And for those who don't know, Sonic the Hedgehog is a character from a video game.

Rani Shoket, NTD, Jerusalem