Ireland Parliament Votes to Allow Limited Abortion

Created: 2013-07-12 18:27 EST

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Ireland's parliament voted on Friday to allow abortion under certain conditions, following months of polarizing debate in the Catholic country including letters to the premier written in blood.
Prime Minister Enda Kenny has provoked protest from both sides of the debate by pushing through a compromise that will allow abortion, but only when a woman's life is in danger. 
After a marathon debate that ran past midnight for the second night in a row, lawmakers passed the bill by 127-31. 
The two-decade debate was reopened last year after the death of a woman who was denied an abortion of her dying foetus.
The Supreme Court ruling in 1992 resulted from a challenge by a 14-year-old rape victim to a constitutional amendment nine years earlier that aimed to ban abortion in all instances.
Midway through his five-year term, Kenny has lost more Fine Gael deputies to the abortion debate than to economic austerity measures.