Luxembourg Spying Scandal Breaks Juncker Government

Created: 2013-07-11 12:41 EST

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Luxembourg's Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday bowed to pressure for an early election.

The decision came after his junior coalition partner blamed him for failing to curb abuses of power by the secret service.

[Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker]:
"For these reasons, I believe, but this is not for me to decide, we can stop the debate. I will convene the government tomorrow morning at 10am and will go to the Palace to suggest snap elections to the Grand duke."

The assembly was reviewing a report it had commissioned on the intelligence agency's illegal bugging of politicians and purchase of cars for private use.

It is also alleged to have taken payments and favors in exchange for access to local officials.

The report concluded that Juncker had limited control over the security agency and that he failed to inform either the parliamentary committee of control or justice authorities about its operations.

Earlier, the president of the Socialist coalition partner, Alex Bodry, urged Juncker to take full political responsibility over the scandal and call an election.

Juncker rejected to resign over the allegations, saying it was not reasonably possible for him to keep the country's intelligence service under tight scrutiny.

Wealthy Luxembourg, a major financial hub, is one of Europe's most politically stable countries.

The Christian Social People's Party (CSV) has led all but one government since World War Two.