Greece State TV Broadcast Resumes

Created: 2013-07-11 07:27 EST

Category: World > Europe

At Greece's former state broadcaster headquarters, it may look like business as usual, but these employees are continuing to work despite the government shutting down their signal a month ago.

The original ERT team now livestream their content on the internet.
But on Wednesday Greece began transmitting a new public signal, using the same name and on the same frequency as the former state broadcaster.
Although this image is all that has been broadcast so far, workers who are occupying the ERT building are angry.
Their union's president is determined to prove to the Greek people that they are the real state broadcaster.
The workers want the government to resume their broadcasts before they will sit down to discuss reforms, including layoffs.
But the government is sticking to its plan to shut down ERT, saying it was bloated, corrupt and inefficient.
They say over 2,500 dismissed staff will have to reapply for jobs at the new broadcaster.