Britons Fear Government Surveillance Programs Threaten Public Interests

Created: 2013-07-05 17:54 EST

Category: World > Europe
British citizens are concerned that the abuse of power by British and U.S. intelligence agencies, will pose great threats to public privacy.
Nearly a month has passed since former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden exposed the United States' surveillance programs to the public.
The spying scandal is deteriorating, as British media reported that British intelligence agencies cooperated with the U.S. to monitor massive amounts of public information.
One London resident says Snowden’s case is similar to U.S. Army whistle-blower Bradley Manning, and that Snowden had the right to reveal what he wanted. 
He adds that if the government is spying on Americans and Britons, it violates human rights.
Some say the government should rethink why they carry out such surveillance programs.
[London Resident]:
"Of course, nobody wants to have all their emails checked on every day, it's wrong, definitely. So I don't know how they're going to stop it though. How do you stop it? They can just develop new technologies all the time."
Another Londoner says she never uses online networking sites, because she’s worried the government may sell citizens information between countries.