Dirty Play Required: Swamp Soccer Championship

Created: 2013-07-03 05:33 EST

Category: World > Europe

 It's arguably the world's filthiest sport - where players start from looking like this.. to end up like this.

The annual Swamp Soccer World Cup took place this year in Blairmore, Scotland, where the weather is damp, the grounds wet, and the river nearby to produce the perfect pitch.
No training is required to play this dirty game.
With team names such as "Real Mudrid", "Sporting Mudpie", "Buried FC", and "Mudmunchers , it's obvious that all you need is a sense of fun and a fearless spirit when it comes to mud, mess and mayhem, and a good washing detergent for afterwards.
But any contestant can tell you that the game is actually a lot more demanding than it looks.
" It's very very hard. It's tiring. It's an effort to run."
"I no energy to even talk... horrible."
In the end, Team AK from Scotland won the top title, beating Deportivo Lack of Talent in the final.
And hopefully all harsh feelings came out in the wash.