A Scoop from G8 Host Town: World Leaders as Ice Cream Flavours

Created: 2013-06-17 16:44 EST

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World leaders will be getting a chance to taste their own ice creams while at the G8 summit, near the town of Enniskillen in Northern Ireland.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a local store which makes their own gelato have decided to adapt eight flavours to the VIP visitors they are about to welcome on Monday.
Store manager Una Lilley says she had to do some research to find the best recipes, and it’s been a great hit with local residents.
[Una Lilley, Manager, Lilley Centra Store]: 
"We did a little bit of research on the Internet, so we looked out for things each of the individuals, world leaders would like, and when that information was available we used it so for example in "Nuts for Obama" we found out that he liked toasted nuts so he likes pecan, he likes almonds, so we have lured them through the gelato that we have created for him. When that information wasn't available we sort of picked things that were obvious for each country like for Italy, Tiramisu, for France, Macaroon, for Russia, White Russian, vodka and Tia Maria flavoured gelato." 
But beyond the publicity for her store, the ultimate aim for Lilley would be to have one of the world leaders come in to taste her G8 ice creams.
[Una Lilley, Manager, Lilley Centra Store]: 
"We would love somebody to pay a visit, obviously that has been good fun, the staff have all got very excited about it, customers have all got very excited about it but the ultimate goal would be to see any of the world leaders come through the door, so, I mean, our doors are open and they are all very, very welcome, we'll take them all."
Chocolate and roasted nuts for America’s Obama, vodka and coffee liqueur for Russia’s Putin, Macaroons for Hollande of France, green tea for Japan's Abe and Eton mess for Britain’s Cameron.
There are many choices for everyone's taste, whether you like the leader or not.
[Genevieve Murphy, Customer]: 
"This is my second time getting the Black Forrest with the cherries because they are so delicious." 
The Group of Eight leaders will be meeting just down the road from Lilley's store, at a secluded lakeside hotel.