Keeper Hand Rears Rare Leaf Monkey at Sydney Zoo

Created: 2013-06-06 10:45 EST

Category: World > Europe

Keepers at Sydney Zoo have hand reared a rare leaf monkey after its mother failed to feed it properly.

The orange female has been cared for around the clock since mid-March when keepers stepped in because its mother did not produce enough milk.
Francois' leaf monkeys, also known as Francois' langurs, are in danger of extinction.

[Jane Marshall, Zoo Keeper]:
"Francois' langurs are critically endangered and there's thought to be less than 500 of them left in the wild. We are the only zoo in Australia breeding them so it's really important that we do get on board and help her out and give her the best chance that she has."

Once she was healthy enough, keepers slowly started reintroducing the little female, called "Nuoc" or "water" in Vietnamese, to her family.

The zoo says it is the only one in Australasia breeding this vulnerable animal to help safeguard them against extinction.