Soyuz Spaceship Successfully Docks at ISS

Created: 2013-05-30 02:58 EST

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The Soyuz capsule approaches the International Space Station early Wednesday morning.

On board are two astronauts and a cosmonaut, who will take part in more than 100 research experiments and technology tests aboard the station.

The crew also plans to embark on five spacewalks in the next three months to prepare for a new Russian laboratory module set to arrive in December.

Russia's veteran cosmonaut Fyodor Yuchikhin led the crew, which also includes Italy's Luca Parmitano, who is making his first space voyage.

Rounding out the team is American mechanical engineer Karen Nyberg.

The Soyuz spaceship, seen here launching from a base in Kazakhstan on Tuesday, took a shortcut to the station, making the journey in less than six hours instead of two days.

The capsule circled the earth almost four times before eventually catching up to the station and docking.