5th Millenium Festival for Documentary Films Screens “Free China”

Created: 2013-05-30 15:20 EST

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The 5th anniversary of the Millenium Festival for documentary films is fast approaching. From the 31st of May to the 9th of June, the festival will screen documentary films from all around the world.

[Zlatina Rousseva, Artistic Director, Millenium Festival]:
“It is the first 5th anniversary of the Festival Millennium. I would say that this festival is our child, our child is growing very fast. So when we started in 2009, we didn’t believe that it will have such a big international event.”

The festival has grown in size and importance, with more than 500 films from more than 50 countries entered this year,  and 115 films selected for screening at the festival and related events.

The United Nations has been a traditional supporter of this event as it helps to further the Millenium Goals of the organization.

[Mr. Vigilante, Director of the United Nations Office in Brussels]:
“Through the festival we increase public awareness and support for the millennium development goals which should not be a goal limited to institutions or to governments but should be everybody’s concern. Every citizen should be interested in whether or not we manage to eliminate poverty from the face of the earth and reduce or eliminate completely hunger.”

The main theme of this year's festival is "Everything for sale". A special selection of films explores the hidden side of global trade in order to expose its nature and values in a commercialized world.

An award-winning documentary called “Free China: the Courage to Believe” is one of the festival's special selections for screening and debate. The film follows the heart-wrenching story of Falun Gong adherents imprisoned in China for their beliefs, suffering inhuman treatment within the forced labor system. They were coerced through torture to manufacture products for export.

[Zlatina Rousseva, Artistic director of the festival]:
“The most important for the debate is to make people conscious about the problem and mainly to make the people, to give them the belief, that they are the main actor of our world. Because we want to save the people. Just see that there is a problem. But that problem is not a general problem. It is your problem. And you are the actors, you can change the world.”

The festival will run from May 31st until June 9th.

NTD News, Brussels