Six Dead in Taliban Attack

Created: 2013-05-29 07:44 EST

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A Taliban attack on the governor's compound in Afghnaistan's Panjshir valley on Wednesday has left six people dead.

Six Taliban insurgents dressed as Afghan police officers carried out the attack - in an area that was thought to be a government stronghold, staunchly opposed to the Taliban.

One of the insurgents was a suicide bomber, while four more were killed in a fire fight with police. The sixth insurgent escaped during the battle.

One actual Afghan police offier died in the incident, and another was wounded.

The Panjshir valley, famous for its picturesque cliffs and deep valleys was the home of the Northern Alliance that toppled the Taliban regime a decade ago with support from the US military.

The area has been considered so safe that it was one of the first regions handed back to Afghan security forces by NATO soldiers who are preparing to pull out in 2014.