Wrestling with Endemic Bribery in Ukraine

Created: 2013-04-25 16:26 EST

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Offering a bribe in Ukraine is now a crime punishable by jail time. Recently, the Ukrainian parliament passed the law criminalizing not only the receiving, but also the offering of illegal gifts.

According to a survey conducted by the organizations European Choice and the Anti-Corruption Council of Ukraine, half the population of Ukraine pay bribes.

[Bogdan Yakimyuk, chairman of the "Anti-Corruption Council of Ukraine"]:
"The biggest bribe was discovered in a vocational school in Kiev. It was given for teaching. It amounted to 10 thousand hryvnia, and the smallest was a bribe in Crimea. It was a monthly fee paid to a kindergarten teacher - 50 hryvnia for special treatment of a child."

Most often, Ukrainians have to pay bribes for health services, kindergartens and schools, as well as public housing and communal services.

The most corrupt sector is land development and public procurement. According to experts, about $ 20 billion has been funneled in the pockets of officials.

According to a rating from Transparency International, Ukraine in terms of the perception of corruption ranks 144th out of 176 countries. These figures relate primarily to the fact that business controls public policy.

[Bogdan Yakimyuk, chairman of the "Anti-Corruption Council of Ukraine"]:
"We have the majority of politicians, one way or another connected with business. Either they are protégés of business, or they are lobbyists. Either they make the legislative changes under one or another business that pays money to them or their families."

To combat corruption experts call for the creation of a transparent system of income declaration.

Elena had to pay 40 euros to claim her dog at the airport. The vet demanded money because the certificate of vaccination was not in Russian.

[Suffered from corruption]:
"They demanded a bribe and we gave it to them. And only then we could take the dog and go where we went. Otherwise, he said, the dog will remain in quarantine and will sit there and howl."

[Victim of corruption]:
"You are unable to enter a school normally, until you make a charitable contribution. If you want to have a good degree - you can do poorly in school, but to agree with the teacher. "

Experts believe that to combat corruption political will at the highest level is required.

NTD News, Kiev, Ukraine