Two Koreas Discuss Reopening of Kaesong Industrial Zone

Created: 2013-07-10 19:01 EST

Category: World > Asia Pacific
South and North Korean officials held a meeting in Kaesong on Wednesday to discuss steps to reopen a jointly-run industrial park.
The two sides agreed on July 7 to allow South Korean businessmen to inspect the facilities on Wednesday and retrieve finished goods and raw materials.
The South Korean delegation, headed by Unification Ministry's Exchange and Cooperation Bureau, Suh Ho, met their North Korean counterparts headed by Pak Chol-su.
Pak says he’s worried the weather will affect the plans.
[Pak Chol-su, North Korean Chief Delegate]:
"It’s raining heavily, so I am very worried about those companies' facilities and raw materials. Hopefully we can promptly proceed with reopening the industrial zone."
Suh says he’s hopeful the discussions will lead to the resumption of Kaesong.
[Suh Ho, South Korean Chief Delegate]:
"I think it’s the first step toward building trust as we're holding this meeting as agreed. I hope we have a good discussion today on the normalization of the Kaesong Industrial Park."
Earlier on Wednesday, 135 South Korean delegates crossed the border into North Korea.
It’s the first visit by businessmen to Kaesong since the North closed the factories in April, withdrawing its fifty-three-thousand workers and banning Southern firms from crossing the border.
Earlier this year, North Korea threatened strikes with nuclear and other missiles against the South and the United States after the U.N. imposed sanctions on the North for its third nuclear test.