Six Missing in Sichuan Bridge Collapse

Created: 2013-07-10 06:29 EST

Category: World > Asia Pacific

Six people were still missing on the morning of Wednesday hours after an old bridge at Qinglian collapsed under the impact of heavy rains and swelling water.

The bridge over the Tongkou River in Sichuan Province collapsed on Tuesday, throwing five vehicles and nine people into the river. 
By 9.00pm local time on the same day, three people were confirmed to have been brought to safety and sent to hospital. 
Head of Sichuan Armed Forces Police in Mianyang City, Lin Jian, says the greatest difficulty in the search and rescue operation is the rapid flow of river water.
[Lin Jian, Head of Sichuan Armed Forces Police]:
"Our inflatable boats can’t be used, because it's quite easy for the waves to overturn boats carrying 10 people. There are so many branches in the river, propellers can easily get entangled and spin the boat around."
Continuous rain has swelled the river, with the water level rising significantly over the past two days.
The search and rescue continues.