Chinese Fleet Conducts Training Programs

Created: 2013-07-03 18:27 EST

Category: World > Asia Pacific
A Chinese fleet of seven naval vessels participating in the Sino-Russian joint naval drills scheduled for July 5 to 12 conducted comprehensive offensive and defensive training on Monday.
The fleet was on its way to the destination since their departure from east China's harbor city of Qingdao. 
The Chinese vessels worked closely together in the face of simulated attacks and took effective defensive measures to fight back.
[Yang Junfei, Commander of Chinese Fleet]:
"We used the weather conditions well—strong winds and big waves—to do intensive training to improve the force's ability."
The Chinese fleet confronted heavy fog since their departure on Monday, with the visibility on the sea reduced to less than 100 meters. 
The Vessels carried out targeted training such as navigating in narrow water lanes and carrying out missions under a complicated electromagnetic environment. 
The vessels also took each other as simulated rivals during the training to further check the fleet's fighting ability.