China Dissident Visits Taiwan Jail Museum Urges Reform

Created: 2013-06-26 17:43 EST

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Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng urged the Chinese regime to embark on democratic reform during a visit at Taiwan's Jing-Mei Human Rights Museum on Tuesday.

Former Vice-president Annette Lu, who accompanied Chen's tour, was one of the political prisoners jailed at the Jingmei Military Law Detention Centre in the 1980’s.
Chen says the prison cells remind him of the four years he spent in jail in China, and says the Chinese Communist Party should not go against "the people's will".
[Chen Guangcheng, Blind Chinese Activist]:
''We should tell our Chinese leaders that any kind of actions against providence, against historical momentum, will eventually fail. Don't be stubborn; follow the people's will. Reform is the best choice." 
Chen was jailed for four years on charges that he and his supporters say are false, and then held in his village home for 19 months after being released.
Chen is in Taiwan by the invitation from the Taiwan Association for China Human Rights.