Two Endangered Elephants Found Dead in Indonesia

Created: 2013-06-05 10:58 EST

Category: World > Asia Pacific

Two critically-endangered Sumatran elephants have been found dead, with environmentalists saying on Tuesday that they have been poisoned by poachers.

The two, an adult and a young elephant, were discovered dead on May 31 at the Tesso Nilo national park. The adult elephant's tusks had been removed.

The WWF estimates there are only 2,400 to 2,800 elephants of the Sumatran subspecies alive in the wild, marking a 50 percent drop in numbers since 1985.

It adds that 129 critically endangered Sumatran elephants have died on the island in less then a decade.

Conflicts between wild elephants and humans are on the rise on Sumatra, where settlements, plantations and industrial forest estates are rapidly reducing their natural habitat.