South Korean Workers Urge Kaesong Reopening

Created: 2013-05-30 11:27 EST

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Barricades at the border crossing to the shuttered Kaesong industrial complex, closed last month amid a diplomatic row between North and South Korea.

North Korea decided to withdraw its 53,000 workers from the Kaesong industrial zone amid heightened tensions between the two Koreas in April, and sent most South Korean workers home, virtually stopping all operations.

South Korean workers on Thursday urged their government to resume operations in the joint-industrial park.

About 100 workers gathered at the bridge connected to the transit office at the border.

[Lee Im-Dong, Secretary of Kaesong Complex Workers' Union]:
"We want the unconditional normalization of the Kaesong complex. The Kaesong workers want their jobs back."

The workers had planned to hold a rally at the bridge, but it was stopped by police as they had not officially notified the government of the protest.

More than 120 South Korean businesses have invested in the border complex at Kaesong, which generated $2 billion in trade annually.

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