Baby 59 Discharged from Hospital

Created: 2013-05-30 12:48 EST

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The Chinese baby found in a sewage pipe has been discharged from hospital.

Baby 59 as he's now known, had been receiving treatment in a hospital after being discovered in a toilet drainage pipe in an apartment building.

Hospital officials say they released the infant to police and to his maternal grandmother. He was apparently taken to a rural location.

The incident gained international attention when the baby's rescue video first surfaced.

One man who witnessed the rescue explained what he saw.

[Xu Qiangding, Baby Rescue Witness]:
"When the rescuers came out, they cut the pipe open, and they took out the placenta which was still bleeding. We saw them pulling this out and thought it was an awful sight. It was clear what the thing inside the pipe was. The doctor said he was taken to the hospital for treatment. When the baby was touched, his heart was still beating. And he was saved and taken to the hospital."

Police say the 22 year old mother had kept her pregnancy a secret before she gave birth in the squat toilet in the apartment building where she lived. 

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