Philippines and Taiwan Delegations Meet in Fisherman Death Investigation

Created: 2013-05-27 18:34 EST

Category: World > Asia Pacific
A delegation from the Philippines met with Taiwanese prosecutors on Monday (May 27) for investigations into the fatal shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman by the Philippine Coast Guard in waters off the northern Philippines.
Diplomatic tensions over the incident heightened last week when Taiwan recalled its envoy to the Philippines and imposed sanctions on Manila.
[Danny Daganzo, Phillipines National Bureau of Investigation]:
"The reason why we came here at the Forensic Institute is that we want to get hold of the autopsy report conducted by this institution, and we will have it translated. If ever we have some issues or concerns that wanted to be clarified, we are going to go back to them and ask these questions."
The Philippine Coast Guard has admitted to the shooting the fisherman on May 9 incident, but said it was done in self-defense when the fishing vessel tried to ram their ship.
[Hsieh Chih-Ming, Pingtung Chief Prosecutor]:
"Having the bullet samples really helps to clarify the facts, these samples will be given to our criminal police for preliminary comparison, and the Filipino investigators will further confirm from their side. I think this will help clarifying who was the one shooting, and which gun was used to kill the victim."
Both countries have agreed to hold a parallel investigation, with close coordination between the two investigation teams.