Tokyo Executives Fight Club Draws Sell Out Crowd

Created: 2013-05-25 10:07 EST

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Corporate warriors duked it out in the boxing ring at the second official Tokyo Executive Fight Night on Friday (May 25).

Organized by Ginja Ninjas, the fight was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Roppongi, Tokyo.

14 fighters from 7 different nations representing corporate job positions such as sales managers, brokers, company presidents and GMs went head-to-head in three two minute rounds with only three months to prepare ahead of the matches.

None had boxed professionally before, but peer pressure and the ambition for 'bragging rights' spurred on the amateur fighters to make it into the ring.

[Richard Platt, Fighter of the Night]:
"You do want, you're in front of your colleagues so you do want to put on a good performance in front of them you don't want to be embarrassing. So, there's personal pride but there's also, I'm fighting a little bit for my company, because they ask you for who your company is and in Japan it is very much more so the company you work for, than in for example the United States and the UK. Your company is kind of a big part of who you are."

While suits and ties may bring up images of popular film 'Fight Club's stressed out company men, this event is more about clean fun between rival companies and countries.

[Dave Thomas, Executive Fight Night Organizer]:
"You know country versus country, but also company versus company and you know people in the Tokyo executive community a lot of people know each other and there is a lot rivalry between some companies and there are automatically some good match-ups and you really feel it in the room tonight with people really cheering their company mate on as well as their countrymen."

Ginja Ninjas plan to continue Executive Fight Night twice a year.