Indonesia Court Rejects Briton Sandiford's Death Sentence Appeal

Created: 2013-04-10 09:15 EST

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A Bali high court on Wednesday ruled against Briton Lindsay Sandiford's death sentence appeal.

A court spokesman defended the decision.

[Amser Simanjuntak, Denpasar Court Spokesperson]:
"The crime committed by Lindsay June Sandiford was systematic and organised and proven it was part of an international crime network,"

Sandiford, 56, was found guilty for smuggling cocaine worth more that $2.5 million into the resort island of Bali last year.

She will likely be given 14 days to appeal the death sentence to the Indonesia Supreme Court.

If Sandiford loses in the Supreme Court, she could seek a judicial review of the decision, and if that fails, the final stage of the appeal would allow her to seek clemency from the president.

Four British nationals were involved in the case.

The others were given sentences of one to six years in jail.

Indonesia imposes harsh penalties, including death, for narcotic offences.