Teenager Survives "Most Venomous" Snake Bite

Created: 2012-09-27 19:03 EST

Category: World > Asia Pacific
An Australian teenager has survived being bitten by one of the world's most venomous snakes.
The Inland Taipan has venom so powerful that just one drop can kill 100 men.
And yet the 17 year old boy was bitten on the hand on Wednesday and lived to tell the tale.
[Judy Martin, Reptile Rescuer]:
"We were shocked. We've never seen a Taipan before. They're not from this area and to have somebody bitten by an Inland Taipan is quite serious. He needs to take out a lottery ticket. He is extremely lucky to still be alive."
The boy took himself to a local hospital just north of Sydney, with the snake in a plastic tub.
He has now been transferred to Newcastle's Mater Hospital.
The Inland Taipan usually lives in central Australia's arid deserts, hundreds of miles from the coast.
It is not yet known why the snake was so far from its natural habitat.