Australian Spider Man

Created: 2010-11-16 01:44 EST

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He can't fly. He doesn't shoot webs. And he isn't wearing a superhero costume.              


But Australians are calling Nick Le Souef 'Spiderman'.              


The Melbourne Opal shop owner began a record attempt to live with 400 dangerous arachnids in his storefront for three-weeks.              


All for charity.              


[Nick Le Souef, Shop owner]:             

"Redbacks will be staying in their webs, so are the black house spiders, the huntsman might be roaming around a bit but I mean I can easily shoo them away."              


But the stunt isn't for everyone.              



"I don't like it, it is too scary."


Some of the country's native species are amongst the deadliest in the world.