World's Largest Jute Bags Promoted in India

Created: 2010-10-30 10:54 EST

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In a bid to raise awareness about the use of natural fibers instead of plastic and synthetics, jute manufacturers in India have created the world’s largest jute bags.


The organizers in India's eastern West Bengal state are hoping to persuade consumers to switch to using natural fibers to help save the environment. Jute, a golden natural fiber, is seen as a viable alternative to artificial fibers and fabrics.


Two shopping malls in Kolkata city have been displaying the huge jute bags to catch the eyes of visitors.


Jute cases, folders, calendars, and water bottles are becoming popular with customers.


Tarun Mullick, the Managing Director of the company putting up the bags, said consumers were regularly handed plastic bags in shopping malls, and the display tried to create awareness about eco-friendly jute.


Both the Limca Book of Records and the Guinness Book of Records have shown interest in featuring these huge jute bags in their next editions.


[Tarun Mullick, Managing Director, Clubb International]:

"Initially we made this for people's awareness. When we sent it to Limca Book of Records and Guinness Book, then Limca immediately accepted this is the world's largest jute bag."


The bags are made using natural dyes and pigments and took 25 workers about a month to finish.


[Rick Chatterjee, Customer]:

"This thing that they are doing is a pretty good thing because in today's date, we do not care about the world really, so someone has to take the initiative for that, so this is very good and a very good campaign. I truly appreciate this kind of awareness program."


West Bengal is one of the largest producers of jute in India.

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