Bolivians Wage Anti-US Demonstrations after Morales-Plane Incident

Created: 2013-07-10 04:00 EST

Category: World

Bolivians in La Paz on Monday waged a demonstration against the United States and four European countries—France, Italy, Spain and Portugal—for maltreating their president Juan Evo Morales.
The demonstrators demanded for deporting the U.S. ambassador to Bolivia.

Organized by the local labor union confederation, more than sixty-thousand people from 500 labor unions joined the protest.

The U.S. Embassy remained heavily safeguarded, without any sign of responding to the demonstration.

[Maria Helena, Demonstrator]:
"We want the United States to withdraw its embassy from Bolivia. We want to deport all the staff members of the embassy. That is our wish. We will not stop protesting until they leave."

On July 2, President Morales had to make an unscheduled stopover in Vienna, Austria, on suspicion of harboring U.S. PRISM program leaker Edward Snowden.

The plane was grounded for 13 hours after France and Portugal allegedly closed their airspace to the plane.

President Morales has demanded explanations from the four European countries for barring his plane, as he made it known that the US 'was' behind the incident.

After Morales' plane was refused by the four European countries, the president threatened to shut down the U.S. Embassy.