Snowden Knew Revelation Risks

Created: 2013-07-09 03:16 EST

Category: World

Edward Snowden says he knew the case the U.S. would make against him when he revealed details of its secret international surveillance programmes.

The former CIA employee who worked as a contractor at the U.S. National Security Agency contractor was speaking in June.

His comments came in the second part of an interview with British Guardian newspaper's Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras.

[Edward Snowden]:
"They're going to say I've aided our enemies in making them aware of these systems but that argument can be made against anybody who reveals information that points out mass surveillance systems because, fundamentally, they apply equally to ourselves as they do to our enemies."

Snowden's revelations have ignited world-wide debate and protest about the NSA's vast reach.

He's now wanted in the U.S on espionage charges but says his actions were justified because successive U.S. leaders had failed to act.

[Edward Snowden]:
"I've watched and waited and tried to do my job in the most policy-driven way I could, which is wait and allow other people, you know, wait for our leadership, our figures, to sort of correct the excesses of government if we go too far but as I've watched I've seen that's not occurring. In fact we're compounding the excesses of prior governments and making it worse and more invasive and nobody is really standing to stop it."

In the fallout from Snowden's revelations Brazil is now demanding an explanation over reports that the NSA monitored its citizens' phone calls and emails for a decade.

The report in the Globo newspaper cited documents obtained from Snowden who has been offered asylum by Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua.