Canada Crash Scene 'Like War Zone'

Created: 2013-07-08 03:53 EST

Category: World

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper visits the small town devastated by the explosion of a runaway tanker train laden with crude oil.

At least five people are now known to have died in Lac-Megantic.

Another 40 are unaccounted for.

[Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister]:
"You know, it looks like a war zone here. A large part of the downtown has been destroyed. It's really just terrible. There has been loss of life, as we all know, and there are still many many people missing."

The train was parked without a driver outside the town when it began rolling downhill early on Saturday.

It left the rails on a curve and exploded in the center of town.

Several buildings were destroyed including a popular bar.

Transport safety officials are investigating the cause of the accident.