Amazing Sand Sculptures tell Heroic Tales

Created: 2013-07-04 05:09 EST

Category: World

A life size Tarzan and Jane sitting on top of an elephant and a trio of Marvel's superheroes…

These are among the fifteen sand sculptures greeting visitors of Eretz Israel museum in Tel Aviv.

The giant sculptures were made over the course of two months by international artists from the World Sand Sculpting Academy based in the Netherlands.

Among them is Robert Moreno, representing Israel, who is putting the finishing touches on his depiction of "Peter and the Wolf'.

[Robert Moreno, Sand Sculptor]:
"My part of the sculpture took me I would say seven days of work. And it's mostly about mixing water and sand, compacting it."

Several sculptures are inspired by biblical tales.

The Queen of Sheba and King Solomon are facing each other, Samson is breaking his chain and Jonah is being devoured by a whale.

The exhibition is the second of its kind hosted by the museum and is titled Tales in the Sand 2, and will be open until the end of August.