Tanzanian Public Call Obama Visit Purpose Into Question

Created: 2013-07-02 17:39 EST

Category: World
U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Tanzania's capital Dar es Salaam on the last leg of his African tour, arousing much concern and doubt in the public.
Local streets were blocked by police two or three days before Obama's visit for safety purposes, and many stores were even ordered to be closed.
"But the problem I'm concerned about is how much he costs the city Tanzania, like Dar es Salaam, when they have so many other issues. I'm not fan of that, because it cost quite a lot for the city to take for the last couples of days."
Some Tanzanians think that the purpose of Obama's visit is more for the natural resources than for the aid of their country.
"For the country like America might have a lot of demands. I mean a small country like Tanzania which is blessed with many natural resources, most of the big countries might be looking of to it—I mean to take some resources. And this is the kind of idea like most of us have."
People say they do not know what kind of agreements will be signed between the two countries. 
"You know, America is a very rich country, so compared to us, we are very poor. Now I don't know what they want to do with us; I'm [in] doubt, I'm [in] doubt about this."
Tanzanians want to know the real purpose of the U.S. president's visit.