Baby Peccaries get Playful at San Diego Zoo

Created: 2013-07-02 23:08 EST

Category: World

Three Chacoan peccaries were born on June 19 at San Diego Zoo.

They are native to the dry Chacoan region of South America and the least common type.

Youngsters often play by leaping around together and running in circles, a behavior known as frisky hopping.

Zoo keeper Barbara Letton says they like spending time in mud baths and staying close to their parents.

[Barbara Letton, Senior Zoo Keeper]:
"With the babies in the exhibit, you're gonna see a lot of protective behavior from mom and dad. They a lot of times will walk in front of the babies so you can't see them as well. They will stop and stare at anything that's strange and if they're feeling really nervous they'll get the whole family to run to the back of the exhibit."

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